Dissertation writing

“On the apogee of knowledge of light,

swept with the right hand of Athens.

One – gives Gar cherished,

and for others it serves us well. ”

The dissertation is a qualification research work, according to the results of which the applicant is awarded a scientific or academic degree: doctor of science or candidate of science. The dissertation is distinguished from other scientific papers by a deeper, empirical nature of research.

Basic requirements:

novelty and originality of the studied issue;

availability of practical value;

research should be a set of scientifically proven facts obtained by experiment and analytical analysis;

for admission to protection from the applicant requires the availability of publications on the topic of research in print publications;

The thesis includes the following structural units: introduction, main part and conclusions. On the basis of the introduction and conclusions of the dissertation dissertation, with which the applicant acts on the defense.

To begin writing a dissertation should be drawn up by drawing up its logical structure, the expression of which is the plan. It is necessary to ensure that all points of the plan are logically interconnected and contribute to a clearer disclosure of the main topic.

The dissertation research is the pinnacle of the scientific activity of a specialist, his face in the field of education and in life. But when a ready-made study and its recognition is the final light, the tunnel through which the future Ph.D. goes is filled with a huge number of focal and periodic problems, without solving which its qualitative writing is impossible.

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Writing a thesis for a scientific degree is a serious step, on which the future career and success in the professional field largely depends. Lightheadedness in this matter often turns into disappointment and the collapse of all hopes. That is why the preparation of scientific research must be approached very responsibly. Even if you decide to order the writing of a thesis, you must constantly “keep abreast of events.”

When ordering research in an unverified agency, the client, in the literal sense of the word, buys a cat in a bag. Until the last moment, he may not know the plan and content of his research project and only finds out if it is too late to change something.

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